Sunday, July 16, 2017

I live with wildness,
like I was born inside a storm
as if I was raised by howling winds that bound me to wanting shores
I hear the call of those mother winds, her native son must return
With frost beneath my feet,
I walk carefully as if I was newly born, wailing to a storm;
They may tell stories about my return--or lie about my demise;
But I am home-- never to leave these wanting shores

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I walk past an open window;
I hear her coo like a morning dove
My lips will not touch this willing temptress;
nor step back to hold her love

My destiny is the distance,
The road a lengthy romance
An openness beholds me, even as trails are narrow and forlorn.
On dusty days I thirst for rain
Under muddy skies I drown alone
When l close a country window, I hear no morning dove
And to answer Dylan muses: I’ve not visited those Northern Fairs;
nor felt winds blow heavy along their borderlines
But my destiny is the distance,
And my romance is not there
Tomorrow is an open window
I’ll hear the wail of a winter dove

--- Girl From the North Country
by Bob Dylan
Sung by Eddie Vedder

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Side to Side
When I was an anxious boy sometimes I would walk along an ocean's edge and watch crashing tides twist and rise with an evening sky. The woman drenched in wisdom said I had to quiet my ebbing mind; that craziness was like sleeping under a lion's bridge. You can't feel anything but a torn, maddening roar. She broke into laughter and then wailing tears. I watched her disappearing footsteps move side to side along the shallow ocean floor and I knew I had met a wise but drowning stranger. And ever since my grateful mind has been peaceful. Though at times I go to the ocean's edge and listen to it's roar. Like a sailor who chased a great whale.