Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back in Time

It's late evening on a hot summer day as I sit on a park bench and watch children splish-splashing their way through a small wading pool. Peals of laughter. Joy on childish faces. Water everywhere. Here I am mired in middle age and I wish I were them once more. But it can't be. Still, their simple happiness makes me happy. In a not so complicated way life is better. I feel not so afraid of the mind's future, of those laden thoughts of time past.

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Anonymous said...

this is an interesting and poignant reflection on the common feeling that time is slipping away and the difficulty in rekindling the ambition, energy and freshness of youth. Tom Petty sings in the song "You don't know how it feels" that "some grow young, some grow cold." I think that the attributes of youth are a mental state. If we age without being blinded by the rampant greed of the world and enjoy the very essence of the moment, then in this sense, we are young forever. However, a stagnant and meaningless profession can slowly kill you as it sucks the fire out of your bones and leaves you only with the remains of the day. As one days bleeds into the next, things are changing all around us...have we really lived our life? Have we given it our best?