Saturday, July 11, 2009

Leave of Absence Broken Early

I've seen shore-leave sailors explode into violence. I've seen merchant marines beat down one-eyed mad men for dollar clips and silver dreams. I've seen the swagger of cops. Their bloody billy clubs break watermelon skulls on hot city streets. I've seen hippies at the edge of ruin. The swirl of peace and love in the psychedelia of bad trips past. I've seen too much, like babbling holy men go wild with godless rage. I close my eyes in fleeting blindness, but my mind still sees, the heart still beats, the life stories of others get told.

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Anonymous said...

good to chat for a but a few minutes the other night, gonna get in contact with you next week. Your latest post is just a taste of what's brewing in that mental carnival of creative electricity of yours. I know there's a lot of voices in there, but way in the back, there is a guy who needs and should be writing. Find him and get him to the front!