Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Been Awhile

I haven't posted for awhile. Dust and silence. A story to be told. Stolen out of truth and fiction. Concocted from rusty words. Created and discarded. Pixel rhythms: peck, peck, peck, like a hen's teeth pecking. Tap, tap, tap, like a poet's melded words. A blogger's anonymity, I guess it's said. I haven't posted for awhile. Dust and silence. Nobility and aspiration. The mnemonic study of memories past. What ever I recall. Why the silence? Dust to Dust, perhaps. Most likely time to stay still. Think some thoughts. Move on to tomorrow's memory. Then blog to life so question and answer become the same under September sky, fall and winter's Resurrection on a windy plain. A blogger hasn't posted for awhile. What more is to be said?

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