Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Indian dancer. Ankle-bell sounds. Swing to the raga, the sitar, the fast beat of the tabla drum. Calloused feet on callous earth. Ginsberg spirit, Kerouac lament. Peace, love, guru burp, bodily function: Shiva God of well placed arm. Indian dancer, ankle bell sounds, waltz the world away. Jitterbug to the singing raga, the fast beat of a tabla drum. Calcutta the rug in Mumbai pose, a blog of nonsense. Jingle-jangle. All Night Delhi sandwich of cumin between turmeric clothes.


Old Ollie said...

The mention of Kerouac inspired: "shook loose" - another memory of French. Thanks SQ

Anonymous said...

This blog left me with spicy sweats and a hectic vision of a business man cabbing through the streets of Calcutta amidst rickshaws and horse drawn carts, blasting horns and speeding buses, retailers and merchants waiting for their luck to float to the surface.