Saturday, November 20, 2010

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The Night
A cripple and a fat man sit at a stripper's bar. Wasting away. Wasting away. A lover's song plays. Pearly whites. The Devil's eyes in blond disguise. A young tattoo slithers and peels as snake skin. "Cheap round for all!" The fat man cries to empty chairs. In this lonely place the cripple lauds his wanting tongue: "Before," he says. "I died in a crash that took half of me." The time is late in retreat down smoking stairs. The heavy one helps the disabled's descent. A story as a stage stripped from a human page.

The Kid
Johnny the Kid had a fifth wheel inside his head. Sometimes it would get out of place. It'd get jammed and get stuck. His life a mess. He'd think:
I want winter in fall
The summer as a burning place
I haven't seen Johnny since he was a kid, but I wish him the best: that crazy wheel jammed inside his head


Fisheye Lens said...

Filthy. Greasy. I can smell the grime peeling off those words.

Love it!

flaubert said...

Love both of these, but the first is like being in that sleazy club.
Nicely done.

Jingle said...

a man and a kid,
lovely sentiments for the kid,
vivid portrayal of the crippled man.

both poems are beautiful.

Old Ollie said...

Man you can craft a phrase. Cool very cool.

Anonymous said...

Think I passed out in that place after the fat old man bought the next

The kid with a fifth wheel...
like them both you do have a way with words..thanks for sharing

Juice Box said...

I quite enjoyed them both. I really like the way they're written.

Anonymous said...

Should have been 200 Posts.....I swear I could read your stuff all day...and not waste away....very tasteful....yum!

Human Paradox said...

Classic stuff. Like a Budweiser on a summer night on the back porch of a square corner.

Anonymous said...

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