Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Line
When I was a boy we moved to a new house
At night a freight train would race by
It kept me awake with its rumbling sound
But I was young, sleepiness faded like tired eyes
Now when a train rumbles on an awakening night, I think of that new house
I wonder, as it rolls away, is it as old as me


Juice Box said...

It's enough to make you go find that house, isn't it?

Fisheye Lens said...


Like all of us, you are being trammeled down the train tracks of transitory experience. Just watch you don't get yourself trepanned like I was.

Old Ollie said...

SC - maybe you are the Engineer.

Human Paradox said...

You're not that old SC. You'll always be the kid on sandlot punching his catcher's mit...yelling to the pitcher..."Ok Jimmy, let's give this guy the brush back, he's already got one foot in the bucket!" It's like that guy from David Lynch's "Lost Highway" - it pays to remember things the way you want to.

Pedro Éme said...

Charming!... your recalls.

Isn't that new house of your childhood the same you live on today?

I mean: Isn't that house and you one and the same thing?
If so, which I believe, the house of your recalls is as young as you are for that house lives inside you and you inside it. [in The Square Corner, probably (?)]

(Well, some day the 10th day will come. Just give time to Time)

If anything of this makes any sense to you, please forgive me… I should be sleeping hours ago.