Monday, February 28, 2011

A Line From Dylan, Sort of
Once I lived in another lifetime
Where a woman loved me, called my name on a lonely night
Then she broke me down as they always do
She said: I own your love, so why blog under this rounding sky?
I told her I write without malice or pain in my heart
But sometimes there's hurt and bliss inside my keyboard soul
I'll write for friends, for foes, with enmity and with forgiving words
She owned my love and let me go, she couldn't share me with something longer than a brief kiss
I thought of her in another lifetime, but I'll write of her no more


Jingle Poetry said...

sad love...
stay blessed, I am sure you will be blessed by someone fresh and passionate.


Old Ollie said...

Oh that Jingle...

another great piece.

Your newish prose style is "sick". (As the kids say)