Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Once I drank a bottle of sweet wine
my love is empty now, like the bottle I left behind
I stagger slightly...and lonely,
against the howling wind of Dylan's North Country Fair
Oh, the sweet, sweet wine
you whetted my lips from a long, long time
But winter is coming, and I still stagger slightly and lonely
My heart is empty at the love I left behind


Human Paradox said...

you son of a bitch. you're writing again. can't barely believe it! you came back like a south paw. you hit me like a ton of lead. seeing double. trouble breathing. mat getting closer. can't hear the corner man no more.

Human Paradox said...

I want another gawddammit. I want another post! Hey, did you hear what I said!? Hey anybody in here!? Anybody home!? Anybody in this blog!!?

Brother Ollie said...

tight tight poem good sir!