Sunday, May 20, 2018

Slow Hands
"Hey, young friend!"

I made up my life as I went along...
Like free verse from page to page,
Like free jazz from a different age...

I made up my life as I went along...
To you, my young friend, do as you please...
If you want, Howl as a Beat poet under a winter's moon
Listen to Coltrane, close your eyes and transend his Crescent sound,
You'll feel free. But trust me, freedom without love is no freedom at all.
Love a life you can make up as you go along
You are young, you think you got time
But time fool's you, like fake gold in a desert mountain
Like slow hands on a clock,
Long time seduces you...
one decade drifts to another,
till forever sleep steals your eyes, swipes your last breath
Don't follow a plan,
Don't map out your life,
Sometimes you'll walk in blindness
Sometimes you'll listen in silence
There are days like a pale colour,
You'll want to give up,
But when you cool your feet in a clear stream,
you'll watch small fish touch your skin,
you'll curl your toes, nudge a smooth rock,
watch the muddy floor rise in a cloud and settle peaceful to the ground
You'll see once more
You'll hear again
Then you'll know you made up a life as you went along!!
Oh, rise up to yourself!!
No reason to fear that forever sleep; nor your last breath
See, you are like me, we made up a life as we went along...
Howl to that moon, my young friend!!

1 comment:

Brother Ollie said...

Heaps of wisdom good sir.

Really fluid and lyrical too! Keep doing the work SC!