Monday, February 2, 2009

Banished to Sea

When time runs out, what have you done? When life is over: finished, gone, left in a last breath...What have you been? Fulfilled, unfulfilled? Happy, unhappy? A free man, a slave to money, work, a love that slips away? What have you done? Lived or not lived? Seen or not seen? Rode the great train, the blacktop highway, sailed a vast sea? Oh, says the landlubber, fear the blue sky, repress the spirit and soul, draw nothing from life's blood. When time's yearning is gone a last question you become: What have I done? I banished nothing on a great blue sea.

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Bob said...

Ok, a year and a half later...been too busy trying not to drown in the deep blue sea of donnsizing, corporate rationalizing and corruption, deceipt and miscues.

Banished nothing...allow all in to your consciousness, as long as you are conscious, but most of us are not at all sounds like a cooler version of : "when on your death bed, one is not likely to say to one's self, the following: at the moment when you draw your last,before you consign yourself to file 13, and join the choir invisible and otherwise cease to be, a la Monty Python, "I should have spent more time at the office" rage rage, against the dying of the light, as that Welsh reprobate Dylan thoms once said, between bouts of drunken short, we are worm food...