Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Unemployed with sour drinks and bitter lemons in perambulating quests between volcanic rows of library shelving in corrugated, twisted, peeling steel of osmotic knowledge...seeping books of learned styles sponging through sprockets of skin into caramelized brains like Spanish Onions. Giant paella of the mind...crustacean seafood, saffron rice, cheap Mexican lime and beer. Afforded fines, late charges and expired cards with magnetic strips demagnetized from time. Capricious librarians... seductive, sedentary, punctilious, in rapacious stares. Buns of greying hair and flakes of golden teeth. Happenstance fingers. Knuckles wrapped in anger and solitary judgment of unworked men in frayed jeans. Shhh! To the quiet man. Shhh! To the man on the seamless highway of internet knowledge. Golden pictures. Rumorless, humorless starlets, extinguished fires of Hollywood nights. Cusp of Great Depression. Decompressed cups of beggars hands. Hold on unemployed man. Shhh! To your enemies, the slayers of your independent mind. Live till the libraries no more house hope and despair, sad tales and tails of dinosaurs and Wall Street devils.

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