Monday, November 16, 2009


Maiko mistress. Geisha in waiting. Apprentice in white face. Silk kimono worn along slender thighs. No slithering slattern, you are. No sad whore in bruised flesh, you become. Rare as a sakura night: cherry blossom--o hana mi eyes in soft spring rain. Maiko mistress in geta shoes, bow softly to ancient times, lips touch tea water in rice paper dreams. Early fantasy of Edo held within. Geisha in waiting woven in bamboo threads, tale of Snow Country : Kawabata story in fierce, doomed, fated love. Good-bye, Maiko mistress. You've never been. Never seen. Never beholden tightly behind white-painted skin. Taiko drums beat in Tokyo sky. A Maiko mistress leaves to be touched under waiting eyes in rising sun.

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