Monday, November 9, 2009

Sea of Time, Government Man

Look busy! Nothing to do. Chitter and Chatter. Clitter and Clatter. Insouciant swimmer in sea of time. Look busy, work hound. Government idler. Dream big of Dog days past, things to be in the wide whet Universe. Furtive stares at round a$$ girls in golden hair. Think the bindlestiffers, hoboes from town-to-town; foragers of love and wrapped mud in Long Depression gone. Think the indie dancers on shoestring stage, like lonely lovers on Calamari hands. Look Busy! Government man. Nothing to do on tax payers' time. Blogger post. Boss away. But what the cost? Prison cube? Melting life like ball of honey wax? Sweet, sweet, but gone in smoke with nothing left behind.

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Anonymous said...


your recent posts pierce the side of mediocrity, they crack open the window and shout "are you alive?!" into the greasy streets of night, they tickle the mind and sternly dare your past resignations to meet you, in the parking lot to straighten things out, they are a torch held to the face of the monster of emptiness, demanding silence! Why, even the ghosts hold off on their poltergeists...they sit quietly, sipping from transparent tea cups, while you type away into the early morning.