Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scarecrow II

Once again, I walked through stalks of high corn on a cool autumn night. The Scarecrow was just as I found him the evening before. His plastic eyes were still faraway, his body was still made of disheveled straw, some having fallen upon what I thought holy soil.

With reverence I lay a Beatle's LP on the cold ground and placed a red apple atop its cover. I lit slight sticks of incense and smelled a sweet smoke. I hummed humbly, chanted in a tasteful timbre, than I asked quietly:

"Scarecrow, what is the word?"

He shook his head side to side in a slow foreboding rhythm and replied:

"B.H. A$$."

I left behind what I had brought in worship: the Beatle Album, the beautiful red apple, the sticks of burning incense. As my feet rustled through brown husks, my heart was filled with fear: A Hairy forearm. A Rear-Naked-Choke. A ghastly, unholy death on an autumnal plain.

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Anonymous said...

SC -
I'm having trouble stopping the laughter. That was good.