Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vintage Watch

I should read Spalding Gray. I should find out what made him tick. What made his writing so good. I'd like to know why a man so talented and so loved would inconceivably take his life off a cold pier. Pity his family. There are other things I should do. Like buy a vintage watch. Nothing too expensive. Something to wind every morning to keep time with the past. I should continue to shoot film photography--black and white. Why in this age of digital convenience? Because it looks best; grainy Tri-X film to capture the human condition. Also, because those old cameras feel so heavy and powerful in the hand. Like a vintage watch, it keeps time with the past. Knowing those days long ago are important to consider, to appreciate late into one's life. They're like vintage watches and timeless film--black and white, of course.

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Anonymous said...

Smashing good paradox bomb!
Using techno blogging to slice HD cameras and TVs in half!

Double O