Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Home
He climbed to the top of the world's cage
Then rolled his toes, balanced his bare feet
With arms held wide, he muttered a wishful prayer
Like a high wire man to cross a lion's lair
He moved:
Callous only somewhat to the chance at his demise
then the great fall

To the end
He made it to the other side
criss-crossed back to say a victor's good-bye
Stole a liberator's kiss, then went away to his new home
Flew easily with his new spirit wings


Old Ollie said...

This is my exact plan.

Carrie Burtt said...

A magnificent goodbye indeed! :-)

Human Paradox said...

Great description SC. You write like a man who's seen a lot of things, loves good beer, fine women, Japanese cinema and a Red Sox game on a sunny day at Fenway. That pretty close?

Anonymous said...

square corner - I used to read your blog but now the amount of comments sickens my soul and gives me indigestion. come down from your ivory tower and mix and mingle once again with your old peasant & pauper friends of blog-dom.

Peggy said...

Fascinating poem and it reads so very well. Wonderful good-bye.