Thursday, January 20, 2011

More years have gone past then lay ahead
Time goes by, a prompt makes me ponder if I'm old and gone
Am I?
It's time that touches me from the past
It's time that retreats like a winter army
I can't hear music through drowning years
I can't see a clock's hands
Nothing moves me!
Nothing moves me!

I feel those days that weigh on me like heavy stones
I feel those days that are easy like a gentle sea
There are those hours, too, I can't recall,
Like photos from an old roll of film,
I can't unspool them, put them back like threads of black and white
I say when Kodachrome died it took a piece of what is mine
But in the end, these prompts as poems are markers, I see, on an uneasy path that is a life


flaubert said...

Love this and this part is wonderful
"I feel those days that weigh on me like heavy stones
I feel those days that feel easy like a gentle sea"

Philip Thrift said...

I can feel the angst of the passage of time here.

signed...bkm said...

they can be stones, but to take them and reshape them into something new...though a challenge for me is gratitude for having known such a time as black and white...bkm

Jingle said...

time for you to relax, count your blessings, and let go of the past.

lovely reflections.

all ways 11 o'clock said...

i think we remember what we do
and when we do take note of what we have forgotten it is a peace we can be in.

i feel old
i feel just like this
i try to let it pass

great tired post.


Old Ollie said...

SC - top poem. You always provide an authentic piece.

The future holds a few tasy brews down at the One Lucky.

Old Ollie

Human Paradox said...

An uneasy path indeed, both ahead and behind. Tread on.

Short Poems said...

Beautiful reflections, lovely write so nicely done :)
Take care
M.R x

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oooh, I so relate to this one!"Time that retreats like a wintr army" - fantastic line! I relate to not being able to unspool the film.......sigh. Well done.