Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Turn
I walk a long long walk on a desert avenue
In dreamless vision I spin 'roun. This is what I see:
Square Corner as mirage,
Shrouded in mystery
This misty rising, touching me inside,
like a silver key, tarnished I turn
A montage of souls break open as dark clouds on my dusty avenue
The cold rainfall drenching me for the return
Muddy steps weak and forlorn
Bedraggled I become
But the destination is not a journey
Square Corner is sweet, sweet home, I see an apparition's heart
A tarnished key, like this fallen life, will be turned


Old Ollie said...

Nice to see you sharpen your poem sword to a keen edge.

Juice Box said...

Long time, no read!

Mary said...

Glad to see you back again. Lots of images in this poem. Agreed, the destination IS not the journey.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautifully written, SQ......I love it!!!!!!

Anna :o] said...

I agree - beautifully written.

Anna :o]

gusDon said...

walk with stout, should
life is a mystery, and not be tired
privileged life, take all opportunities
and do not look back, shall!
There are many paths lie, we become part there
garnished with pictures, black and white and color
there's always a chance

Mary said...

You last line is gold!

Human Paradox said...

Back in fine form SC. Some classic lines.