Monday, April 11, 2011

The Fallen
I was sitting on a hammock, just me and a broken arm. It said: I'm busted up inside, my elbow and wrist busted in two. I fell off a thirty foot wall and crashed on unconsecrated soil as hard as dried blood on desert ground.

That's no place to fall, I said.

You should know, Tortelli! he exclaimed. I saved your neck, your skull, your ribs from breaking into a thousand pieces.

I left the arm behind. Alone on the hammock I heard his baleful cry: Ingrate! Can't you feel, I'm too fractured to save your beaten soul!

What is the Square Corner?
The sun and stars at darkness's edge
Four walls like lonely men
What is the Square Corner?
An absence of time, of space, of wondrous sound
The Square Corner is blinding and light, sightless and unheard
The Square Corner is four walls
Oh, Square Corner, I say: sun and stars snake back from darkness's desperate edge


Fisheye Lens said...

An instant classic in the Square Corner canon!

A nursery rhyme for a bitter and despairing post-hope age. A Cartesian cleavage between Mind and Body.

Jingle Poetry said...

self-discovery is cool.

remarkable you.
love the poem in the end.

Human Paradox said...

One of a kind description SC. One of kind style.

Juice Box said...

That last line is simply phenomenal!

Old Ollie said...

Blood in a desert
a poem in a blog.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Fantastic poem,SQ! Yes, the last lines are phenomenal!!!!

Old Ollie said...

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