Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sometimes I take life too hard
I'm on a lonesome highway
Headlights drive by
These black minutes pass like broken lines
I'm 3/4 there, 1/4 behind
Sometimes I take life too hard
I'd turn around as fast as I'm going ahead
But I gotta steering wheel locked on sand and tar
They say once your there, things will change,
others say every thing's the same
One Square Corner just like another?
These black minutes like broken lines I'll leave behind


Old Ollie said...

This poem echoes my current life.

Elmdale Tavern Tonight?

Graven is playing?

Juice Box said...

Missed you SQ, and all your broken lines.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Square Corner,

The stresses and strains upon the highway of life!


Human Paradox said...

Hey SC! This one's for you:

Anonymous said...

how true....

Cad said...

Sometimes turning off the main highway to take a diversion gives you a new view of life, as well as the road ahead! Be adventurous, eh? :)

PhotoDiction said...

I can relate to that feeling of being 3/4 there and 1/4 behind. Sometimes the closer you get, the farther it seems that your destination is. A little like knowing just enough that you know more clearly all that you don't know.