Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Ghost
What is this eternity?
This endless universe? This endless space and time?
What is life?
A few mortal steps and it's done like a cheap steak?
That's right! the Ghost of Charles Bukowski sighes.
So whad'ya got for yourself--a man's life dying inside a yellow post?


Old Ollie said...

Stick these questions in a yellow blog, pull out answers in the spring.

Juice Box said...

Love Charles Bukowski. He's my all time favorite poet. I think you've got him pinned down pretty good here.

Anonymous said...

holy cow! you mentioned martin strel in a comment on another blog - but my friend JUST wrote about him on his! and I think you guys know each other?!?! this is too much.


Human Paradox said...

We are a factotum I believe.