Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Tip
I'm a horrible person
I know,
I know,

I wear overpriced watches from Taiwan
Cheap sweatshirts that make me look fat
I'm a horrible person
I'll eat more peanuts than anyone else
Grab the most hummus and ruffle chips, leave nearly nothing for the rest
I'm a horrible person
I know,
I know,

I'll speak rudely to waiters
browbeat them over:
a) dry turkey b) salty gravy c) cranberry sauce from an army can
I'm a horrible person
I'm sorry
I'm a horrible person
I know I need to change
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
But that diner food was bad,
It gave me indigestion, put me in a miserable pickle
Horrible or not, the waiter got a tip, it gave him a battled smile


Old Ollie said...

What a battle!

You are cranking these out SC.

Human Paradox said...

If eating the most ruffle chips is bad, then I'm Charlie Manson. This is funny. A woe-is-me done New York style.