Thursday, March 3, 2011

Purple Rain was on the radio
It washed away what was dusty and dry inside
Things change, like an old song so new for its time
Now nothing washes away the fading stain
Just an old voice on the radio sings something called Purple Rain
I think I'll sleep now, the bed is dusty and dry like I was inside


Human Paradox said...

Prince, a true genius. A great song writer can always get rid of the dusty and dry inside.

Old Ollie said...

Songs don't seem to galvanize they way they once did. Come on Kid Cudi - write us a hit.

Fisheye Lens said...

In 1984, I had to decide whether Prince or Judas Priest were my favourite band/artist. A few months later neither were.

Juice Box said...

I think the song was a little before my time, but I like the idea of the dry dust being washed away from our insides.