Thursday, March 3, 2011

I used to sleep on a second floor
That summer, the window open I'd hear heated stories of the night
Sometimes strangers
Sometimes people I knew
They'd bellow, cower
Call out things wrong with the other and life as a broken street
That second floor, the window open, taught me about life
I was young and loved and feared the heated story
They'd keep me up. But why sleep when you are young on a summer night?


Human Paradox said...

This has ambiance SC. Like the humid kiss of youth.

Old Ollie said...

"Best" thing I ever heard through a wall was: "don't bite the hand that feeds yuh!"

PhotoDiction said...

"I was young and loved and feared the heated story" I like this. So much of the fear that I had as a child was knowing that I was loved, and that others were not - and wondering, perhaps fearing, if I would become like them.