Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I blink my eyes and hold them shut,
There is a wandering darkness in these stray thoughts
I open my eyes wide. And you are there!!
But in an absence you disappear
I blink my eyes and hold them shut,
but they too are tired
The one chance I had, and you are gone, I bemoan that second
As in the time of a heart's beat, or an eye's lonely blink
As me saying I need you in silence
I am the castaway
I am the tired, broken mind
Good-bye to you, as she falls madly into the night

The City
I look out a window
My city is on fire
Smoke is everywhere, flames rise from the rooftops
I smell the burning
I hear the people's cry: "Our city's on fire!"
I can almost touch the blackness
Soot and fear is everywhere
But I feel safe in this vanishing city, more alive then I've been
Then I hear the voice of my people's cry, and I too begin to fear


Old Ollie said...

poem one - tight lyrics, beautiful like old time country

poem two - so real these days

SC just keep these coming.

Human Paradox said...

Love these. To be read by whiskey and cigarette voice into a rusty microphone in a dark room full of darker people.