Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Rain
They killed a man in front of a pizza place last night. A couple of guys stabbed him multiple times. A friend who was at his side said there was blood like it stretched for miles. He told the papers of the scuffle at the Sally Ann, then by chance how they all met under a street light. When they saw his buddy they went after him with open blades. Stabbed him deep, so many times. God only knows if his eyes narrowed before he died. His mother told the paper he was a boy who was troubled by drugs and alcohol. But he had a good heart, before it got sliced open by another mother's troubled son. There I was late at the scene. The cops cordoned off some of the parking lot with yellow tape twisted upside down. Beyond the yellow tape young people were opening the pizza place for lunch. Soon customers would ask what happened and the workers would shrug and say some guy died. Tonight the weatherman predicts another bloody rain. I guess in the end, that's what it takes to wash away a homeless man's name.


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

This is such a sad story. However, it is almost becoming a 'normal' event, in so many cities across the world. Almost goes unreported, as it is no longer of shock value.
What a world we inhabit, when the value of a life, is so unimportant.


Old Ollie said...

man you can weave 'em good