Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some people watch TV till their eyes hurt
Others watch dreams in darkness;their eyes hurting at first light
Others watch nothing; their eyes gone blind long ago

I can't remember
I can't imagine a future
I'm in the now, a Hero for the moment?
So scared I am for the past and the instant I'll soon forget
It's best, I think, to hold absently to the coming night

The Screen
I went to a matinee movie
A girl sat alone in the second row
She held her knees up to her heart;
There was a small, tired crying sound,
Perhaps it came from the screen with moving pictures?
I sat in the third row, far from the girl and wondered: tired and alone


Old Ollie said...

people and their connections to media...really like this exploration

it goes full circle...

Juice Box said...

I've missed you SQ. Glad to see your words again.