Monday, October 17, 2011

It's pay-back time;
It slipped my mind;
I forgot about this life, now I'm not so sure anymore
Maybe this forgetfulness was called charm once,
Way back when;
But it's pay-back time;
The lifeless ones are filled with vengeance
All of their hearts beat with coldness, I got no place to hide;
It slipped my mind, a sheltering warmth along the way
Here's a warning: Fun and a laugh can take you so far.
I read it in a science book:
At the edge of darkness is where light can't escape,
I swear I read it when I was young;
Believe me, it's true: Fun and a laugh can take you so far
Then its pay-pack time, like a cold vengeance it's lifeless
This is what slipped my mind so long ago

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Old Ollie said...

dark one so dark...