Saturday, November 12, 2011

When y0u hear the crying wind;
When your touch is anguish against the clouds above;
And when your turbulent voice turns to the ocean breeze,
You ask a forgiveness for being human
For the mistakes we've all done
When this is what you hear and say, I know you are my friend

I stood in darkness against the edge of water
I couldn't swim
So in this absence of light I was drowning either way

The Start
The Poet says it's over
They've taken it all away
Burned and buried what matters in art: beauty from the sorrow
It's over the Poet says
Only the sorrow remains,
Pity, I reply. I was only getting started

I am a borderline
Living with truth and lies
Stepping back from madness in reality
I am a borderline
Sweet dimensions of time
Let me be, I am happy and sad on this borderline


Old Ollie said...

submit these poems to the next Poets United I'd buy a volume of your work

cash the kids say

Anyway SC - I dig your work!

Fisheye Lens said...

There is a mature prosodic voice emerging here. Good stuff, SC.

Human Paradox said...

That last one is killer SC. Really, really, good.