Tuesday, December 27, 2011

If there is tranquility inside of me, like a stillness on a tropical sea,
I'll rest for moments, for minutes, till a hard rain like shark's teeth covers me; till a heavy wind blows its cold wind. But for the time the sea is mine, I'll breathe calmly and take in the warm breeze. Grow strong for what always comes.

You showed up at my door. It was 3am and I hadn't seen you in years. Your hair had become thin and gray just like mine. Your belly grew rounder and your shoulders were sloped. The fire in your eyes dimmed with time, but you still had that old friend's smile. "Come, on," you said. "I just left my wife and I haven't seen you in years. Let's go out like the old days." I rubbed my tired face, and thought: Why not? It's for old time's sake. The next morning our heads hurt, there was booze on our breath...but the man left his wife, and I hadn't seen him since so long ago.

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