Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter birds fly above me
I watch them through my balcony window
They swoop and glide as if they belong together
I wonder if they feel free inside,
and if their weary wings ever touch icy ground
Or perhaps like me, they wish for an early spring

I think I saw a Western years ago
A rattlesnake kills a coyote
With venomous fangs he bites the animal's skin
He draws back and sees him die,
I think I saw this Western before, but I'm not sure
Something bit me days ago
The poisoned blood killed my heart; now my mind is next to die


Human Paradox said...

Both grand and the first is my favorite. Simple, descriptive and touching.

PhotoDiction said...

These kind of work well together - both a bit of longing for something different. And both nicely expressed.