Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Got

I Got a friend who's straight-laced. He has no fun. He's a square who turns round in a small circle. Someday, for sure, he'll find himself ground up on a joyless earth. He's still a friend, but he's got to let go before it's too late. Like his uncle found dead at a green top desk.

I Got a walky-talky in a cell phone age. I got a Morris code contraption--dot, dot, dot--against a blackberry coda. I got a one speed Schwinn Roadster against titanium metal and laser welded steel. I'm ready to do something. Likely to go back rather than forward.

I got a quill and old paper in the time of the blog. I got a manual typewriter with ink on ribbon in the time of kindle words. I got ideas to write of the future, in long hand and on clattering keys.

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