Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Instant Coffee

I drink coffee off a Formica table. The cup I use is old and plastic, maybe from the 70s. A collectible find, Zigman Zibanski says. But I doubt it, like I doubt most of his wild claims. The coffee is old too, but not as old as the cup, just a bit stale tasting. But at least I got a Formica table to rest my elbows on. And I got a talkative friend in Zigman who I haven't seen for awhile. My other friend Boyce Boswell is quiet, lost in his own thoughts, but he's still good to be around. The three of us are happy to drink simple stale java from out of date coffee cups. And who knows, maybe years from now they'll be collectibles after all. So I'll keep 'em. Just like I keep memories of friendship in a yellow blog.

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