Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Sounds No More

Balinese mask on Whirling Dervish. Pray to the Tibetan Bell. Sacrificial lamb, bloodied at Heaven's Gate. Bleat to the devil's gaol. Oracles strapped in glory watches, speak to the sands of time. Excise the word. Excoriate the verse. Exorcise the serpent spirit, the snake's burning soul. Balinese Mask in tear drop drone. Spring to the defense, spring lamb. Clumps of knotted, blood red wool. Whirling Dervish, dizzy the mind. Pitch the tune on cast iron bell. Exercise the sinewy threads of eternity. The elbowed stars and pulsars...galactic tangles of eliptic tales. Turn inward, twist away. Read the Balinese Blog. Hum the Jakarta Jingle. Two-step the Turkish Whirl. For certain, pray to the Tibetan Bell. Hark, the sounds no more.

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