Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't Light That Match--B.H. A$$

For breakfast I ate peas out of a can
For lunch, cold beans
At dinner I dined on sweet cabbage and salty brine
Then in the darkest hour of the night, I splayed my supine body
Lifted my legs
And in a Vesuvius eruption blew a flaming, gaseous cloud of peas and beans and dinner fixins' straight through a molten roof


Anonymous said...

Hell Yes - a burning ring of fire.

Old Ollie

Anonymous said...

Outstanding SC. Just reading that I feel tremendous relief in my bowels. Looks like a bowl of borscht, sourcrout, scznitzel and cabbage rolls are on my menu for dinner tonight. Jelous to have have one of those volcanic flatulations.


Anonymous said...

You are a surreal writer in the realms of the colon, sir.