Monday, April 5, 2010

Ex-Fighter Wounded in Drive-By Shooting

(AP)April 5, 2010. Yesterday night ex-middleweight Manny Weinberg was shot multiple times in a drive by shooting. At 11pm Mr. Weinberg, 85, left the Carney Gym, which he manages. As he made his way to the corners of Bank St. and Despair, a car pulled up and its occupants fired repeatedly at the former 1947 Golden Gloves finalist. Mr Weinberg was struck seven times in the torso, with the other bullets striking a manual Underwood typewriter which he held to his chest.

Zigman Zibanski, 47, an acquaintance of Mr. Weinberg came to his aid. "Blood everywhere. He scream 'they hit me, God Damn it.' Lucky he carry typewriter or he be dead like old country chicken."

The creator of the blog The Square Corner, Tortelli, said this about Mr. Weinberg. "He is a recent character. We are all shocked to hear of this shooting and pray for his full recover."

Doctors at Holy Cross hospital list his condition as critical.

Police are describing the assailants as three white dwarfs with salt and pepper hair. The car is said to be a late model Little Red Chevette with licence plate BH-A$$.


Anonymous said...

SC - hilarious (and shocking) and creative. Even at that ripe age, Manny may still pull through. Once a fighter, always a fighter. Gonna get back to the underwood typewriter myself tonight.

Keep it up -


Old Ollie said...

I've seen these tiny bastards around Alta Vista.

Thinking of Manny.

Fisheye Lens said...

Are you sure the typewriter wasn't a Clark-Nova?

Once again, the power of print reveals itself. No wonder them lovable Protestants made such a big deal about it. Sola Scriptura, indeed.