Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adventure British Style

I went to an ersatz English Pub. A man sat in the corner wearing a plastic duffel coat, his skin was made of wax. The beer in front of him was constructed of cheap aluminum, same as the book in his hands. Without making a scene I slipped away into the night. I made it to the One Lucky where I was glad to see 'Beer Mugs' Moran, who served me a frosty draft that tasted refreshing to my dry lips.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a real pub to quench a real thirst.

We should have a drink or 10 at the One Lucky some night SC.


GravenRecords said...

sc - missed you at zaphods. but we played a lot earlier than expected. they were showing mickey spillane re-runs. you remind me of 'the fall guy' or 'matt houston'. or that robot in 'riptide'. hope all is well.