Sunday, June 27, 2010

Punch line

I'm a jester, a jokester
a plastic ace up my sleeve
I'll cheat you sideways, spin your head,
make you laugh till your life is mine
See these devil-snake eyes, pearly whites, rolled back pompadour hair
bling, bling rattle like a spinning wheel
You crossed your greed with my nature, now I own you
Roll your dice,
I'll make the numbers, you make the debtor's grin
The Jesture is all mine


Old Ollie said...

too often I'm too much the jokester...a blessing and a curse

Fisheye Lens said...

We've gotta have a euchre night. That's right, not a poker night, a EUCHRE night.

You could host it, SC, reveling in the sartorial splendour of one of the many croupier ensembles in The Square Corner costume museum.