Saturday, August 21, 2010

I give no alibis
If you want to judge me
To prosecute me
To hold me accountable for what I have done,
then I owe the truth
But you owe me too:
Like the time to say goodbye
to say so long
To let my boot heels wander,
let me pass unhurt into the twilight


Mary said...

Sounds fair to me. (By the way, the link you put in Poets United today is faulty. It leads nowhere. I followed your blog link from the P.U. blogroll.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"let6 me pass unhurt into the twilight"....I really like this one. Also the poem about what most aging men dont see......good work. Keep writing! By the way, there is some sort of glitch in your link from Poets United, when you click on your link on the pantry, it doesnt take you there, I chased you down thru google.........I'm that determined:)