Saturday, August 28, 2010

My life is a stained glass window
Light, like a church I once knew
An old Irish neighbourhood, the incense rises
Smoky to sweet, holy to the smell
Christ's blood spilled
Hard pews rest hard lives
Shawled woman in beads of prayer
Epistle, resurrection, sermon on matters of man, son, God
Sacrifice and sin, confession, the unburdened soul
The church is gone, the spires worn down
Desolate, this disbelieving one, inconsolable most times
The Son rising in truth or fairy tale, peace melding the rancorous colours of morning glass,
Sorrowful of life that never was
The shawled women whispers a rosary prayer


Anonymous said...

A classic from SC. Grace and grit. This one has it all.


Diane T said...

I like the line 'your life is a stained glass window'... or similar... can't see it now, lol. Well written poem/1

flaubert said...

Excellent write!

Ellie said...

Such beauty, soul and depth!
Love this~