Thursday, October 7, 2010

The faucet leaks:
Drip, Drip,
Like a bad dream
Reminds me oddly of the autumn wind, the rain, the cold morning in chilly time
Drip, Drip,
The autumn storm has come inside, to haunt me, I fear
Awake! I say and fight the storm, a timeless drop
But no, I'll torture myself some more
Await the chilly morn'
Adorn the woolly cloth
Complain to no one, the secret well concealed
My thoughts like that leaky dream: Drip! Drip! inside my head


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Square Corner,
So true! Nothing more annoying than a dripping sound, coming from 'somewhere'.
All the annoyances, one can feel in a house!
Best wishes,

Mary said...

You know, SC, there is nothing more annyoing than the dripping faucet. I definitely 'hear you' with this poem!

Old Ollie said...

SQ - I complain to no one all the time. Great one - onomatopoeia!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Very good. I love the last line especially.......good work!

Jingle said...

eventually, you have the chance to whine...
what fun!

flaubert said...

How pretty!

Diane T said...

Sounds absolutely miserable and uncomfortable. You've definitely captured the complaint well!

Systematic Weasel said...

SC, a simple sound can be quite annoying, =)! Good post!


Kerry O'Connor said...

This is quite brilliant. I love the inclusion of the annoying drip and the metaphoric significance is not lost.

Carrie Burtt said...

Nothing like a drip drip to drive you what you did for the prompt Square Corner. :-)

Anonymous said...

This is a well expressed piece of a very annoying drip. Loved teh reptition. Love and Light, Sender

Human Paradox said...

Great one SC. Metaphorical richness.