Saturday, October 30, 2010

I awoke with no sense of place,
no sense of wonder
I desperately tried to find solace in a returning sleep,
but a dreamless morning was no friend
Confused, a somnambulist enemy I became: of myself,
of this place, of this wonderless world


Abigail Pearl Pope said...

aww, sometimes waking up is regrettable.
I'm really drawn into the mood of this poem. "Confused, a somnambulist enemy I became..." - it makes so much sense! excellent wordsmithery.

ana said...

No friend, indeed! I hate it when this happens.

Old Ollie said...

I woke an enemy to Hockey...specifically 6am practice..."luckily" the baby had been up since 4am. There is a poem in there somewhere.

Human Paradox said...

This speaks to me. It seems like you have chronicled the last 15 years of my life in but a few sentences.

Juice Box said...

I'm not sure if you mean't it, but you referenced 'A Wonderful World.' This whole poem has a sense of desperation that I really struggle to capture when I write.

Mary said...

SC, there is always wonder to be found somewhere in this world. (Borrow a young child to know wonder.)