Monday, October 18, 2010

Late at night, the window pulled down
I drove my father's car
October wind was cool on that country road,
the leaves had fallen, a young hand brushes autumn rain
Bruce Springsteen was on, like a heart alone: I'm on Fire
I sang and thundered some more, a father's son at home

The Hope
If your hand was untied
And I was like you, we'd be lovers, perhaps
Maybe married in the glory of our single days
All in hope are your dancing eyes, like untied hands
Follow us as we slip away


Anonymous said...

Double whammy. Bruce Springsteen and a lover's vision. Good stuff SC. You covered the bases.


JZKnowles-Smith said...

I really like 'Rain', it took me away for a brief time. Also, any mentions of The Boss in poetry have to be applauded.

Jingle said...

love rain and rain related poetry.
delicious treat.

Jingle said...

Welcome to our potluck party by linking in a poem, old one works well. Thanks!

hope to see you in.
we are closing within 12 hours, hurry up.

Anonymous said...

nice thoughts..